Must have downloads for 2012


My list of the coolest apps we should all have this year


  • MalwareBytes  – ( – Malwarebytes, also referred to as MBAM is the quintessential malware removal tool, the free version scans on demand and the paid version offers real-time protection.
  •   7-Zip – ( – 7-Zip has long since replaced Winzip in my Windows world for file archiving.
  • Virtualization – The simplicity of virtualization has reached a point at which everyone should at least experiment, here are a couple free tools, if you have an old server try VMWare ESXi
  1. VirtualBox – (
  2. VMware Player (
  • Web Browsers – With so many ways to surf the internet, I opt to use a variety of browsers depending on the mood:
  1. FireFox (
  2. Chrome (
  3. IE9 (
  • LogMeIn – ( – If you ever think you will want to access your computer form a remote location, LogMeIn made that process accessible to everyone.  Long gone are the days of VNC.
  • DropBox – ( – Dropbox is too cool and potentially life saving not to have, at least the free version.
  • Net Nanny – ( – Have kids? Get Net Nanny! I seen that an iOS version is coming soon, cant wait!


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