Must have downloads for 2012


My list of the coolest apps we should all have this year


  • MalwareBytes  – ( – Malwarebytes, also referred to as MBAM is the quintessential malware removal tool, the free version scans on demand and the paid version offers real-time protection.
  •   7-Zip – ( – 7-Zip has long since replaced Winzip in my Windows world for file archiving.
  • Virtualization – The simplicity of virtualization has reached a point at which everyone should at least experiment, here are a couple free tools, if you have an old server try VMWare ESXi
  1. VirtualBox – (
  2. VMware Player (
  • Web Browsers – With so many ways to surf the internet, I opt to use a variety of browsers depending on the mood:
  1. FireFox (
  2. Chrome (
  3. IE9 (
  • LogMeIn – ( – If you ever think you will want to access your computer form a remote location, LogMeIn made that process accessible to everyone.  Long gone are the days of VNC.
  • DropBox – ( – Dropbox is too cool and potentially life saving not to have, at least the free version.
  • Net Nanny – ( – Have kids? Get Net Nanny! I seen that an iOS version is coming soon, cant wait!


The latest patient check in kiosk deployment

Last week we installed our latest patient self check-in kiosks, it was a local install in Madison, which is always nice.  What made this one a hit was the dedicated and very well advertised self service area.  Also noteworthy is the section on the right “check-in assistance” which has provisions for a staff member in close proximity to the kiosks, useful when the staffed check-in area is out of site.  Prior to the installation I was able to observe usage at the kiosks, we were replacing two of our first kiosks with 3 of our latest models,  I noticed very little downtime at the existing kiosks which was likely a contributing factor to them adding a third at this location.

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My first experience with the iMarcus iPhone App &

Last night turned into an impromptu date night with my wife, a trip to see the new Underworld Awakening in 3D at Marcus Cinemas.  This past week at work we hosted some clients for onsite training at our facility to teach them everything there is to know about servicing their patient check-in kiosk.  During conversation with one of the techs over lunch he mentioned an app for purchasing movie tickets and how much he liked it.  This conversation resurfaced in my head when we decided to go see a movie last night, and so the story begins.

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