Amazon Adds Enhancement For Route53 DNS – Automatic Website Failover

Another addition for AWS was recently released and adds a nice feature to the Route53/S3 combo, the ability to failover to an S3 bucket if your primary site goes down. This can be paired up with both weighted and latency based routing and can be configured whichever way is best for you.

What’s more intriguing about this is not the ability to failover to an S3 bucket but the ability to failover to another region, Say if us-east-1 goes down, redirect the traffic to us-west-1 or maybe a backup on a completely different provider…say Rackspace or even your own private cloud to save costs provided you can handle the traffic.

Then again, does AWS ever go down? Ha, that being said, this sure beats my website being load balanced over multiple Micro AWS instances…




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